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If you are in Canada and planning to get married in Oakville, you would find it really find it apt enough to pay a good attention to a few parameters. Apart from the other arrangements, you can also check out a few other important aspects as well for enjoying one of the best and perfect wedding experiences ever.

You would need a marriage license

In case you are getting married in Ontario in general and Oakville in particular, you are expected to look beyond just the dress and a fiancé.  You need to be legally married and there are two options that you can explore for the purpose. You can get a wedding license granted by the municipality of Ontario or through the publication of banns.

Publication of Banns

If you are getting married in a religious institute such as a church, you do not need to get in touch with the municipality for the license. The marriage can be solemnised through the publication of Banns. The Banns are published three weeks prior to your wedding.

The marriage license

The marriage license involves the legal document issued by the Ontario municipality. The application process for the same is quite easy and simple to follow and should have not issues of whichever nature. The license to get married is valid for the period of 90 days form the date of issue and you should get married within that period.

Do note that the marriage license is entirely different from the marriage certificate. The license is issued to ascertain that you can get married to each other and comes with a validity period as outlined above. The marriage certificate, on the other hand, is issued after the marriage.

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What else do you need to take care of when planning a marriage?

With those legal things properly taken care of, make sure that you have proper plans ready in place to help you make the wedding all the more successful.

  • Book a proper venue – Before you book a venue for the wedding ceremony, it is always advisable to ensure that you have prepared your guest list properly. The number of guests expected at the wedding and the reception, the wedding party and other details would be helpful and much needed in arranging the wedding in the right spirit.
  • Choose the photographer – A wedding is a special event and it is expected that you would want to make more memorable. Choosing the professional photographer is the key to ensure a better experience with the wedding proceedings. It may be a good option to check his or her past work
  • The wedding dress – The wedding dress should be one of the most important factors that you are expected to take care of. Once again, the wedding can be what would make it all the more important and a good option to check out well ahead of wedding.

Well, apart from all that, we would also want to remind you that the wedding transportation is what would mean a lot in helping you enjoy a better experience in ferrying your wedding guests, the wedding party and even the couple with ease and style. Make sure that you have hired the right Oakville Wedding Limo for your needs. That way, you would be able to ensure a better and a cherished wedding at its best.


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