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The region of Oakville is known for a great heritage and a few fascinating locations. However, if you are looking to find the best of Oakville, it may be worthwhile to check out a few of them before you undertake your journey.

Oakville does provide you access to one of the excellent and rewarding travelling experiences ever. Walking on the trails or biking can be one of the best activities that can be undertaken here. Swimming, playing golf and simply passing your day on the beach can be a few other options that can truly be quite wonderful.

Let us explore a few great places that you can explore while in Oakville –

Coronation Park

The Coronation Park is one of the unique and beautiful green spaces in Oakville. The location is best suited for a family vacation. The top-notch restaurants here should further enhance and improve your experience further ahead. The lakeside entertainment should brin the best of Oakville at your fingertips.

CN Tower

CN Tower perhaps needs no introduction. It has been regarded as the best location to view the entire town and even beyond it. The world’s tallest free standing structure ahs been known for providing you with one of the exciting experiences as part of your travel. Visiting it should definitely be an exhilarating experience. Can be a great asset if you love adrenaline pumping activities.

Roger’s Centre

The Rogers Centre is a multipurpose stadium that provides you access to a great deal of enjoyment if you are a sports lover. Plan your visit to match with a popular event. You an enjoy a host of baseball and football matches at the venue. It also hosts concerts and other entertainment activities.

Toronto Zoo

The Toronto Zoo should be one of the most rewarding and enlightening experiences ever for most of the expectations that you may have. The zoo has animals from almost all around the globe. Spanning over an area of over 300 acres, the zoo has been regarded as the biggest zoo in Canada. The location provides a natural habitat for the animals around the globe. It hosts around 5000 animals roaming in their natural environment.

Canada’s Wonderland

As the name itself should be indicative, it is the amusement park that should provide an equal dose of entertainment to both adults and kids. With a host of adrenaline pumping activities, the park does have an exciting array of rides and other attractions. Spanning over an area of over 130 acres, the amusement park doe impresses you a lot.

Well, now that you have chosen Oakville as your next destination, how about checking out the perfect transportation options for the same? The Oakville party bus or even the Oakville limos should provide you a comfortable and safer journey to any location around Oakville. The professional quality of service and a great degree of vehicle fleets further make it one of the most rewarding experiences ever. Oakville party bus service providers are known for offering a world class customer satisfaction and you will never regret opting for them ever.


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