Oakville wedding limo

If you’re looking to make your next birthday celebration or bachelor party one to remember, consider Oakville Party Bus Services! These buses are the perfect mode of transportation for any type of large group who wants to have a great time together. They can also be rented out as a unique venue for events such as weddings and business meetings! So, what kind of surprising facts about Oakville Party Bus Services should you know?

They Come with Suave Chauffeurs

The first common misconception about party buses is that they’re driven by drunken hillbillies. This couldn’t be further from the truth. It is true that many limos and party bus companies employ drivers who like to party, but that isn’t a bad thing! As long as your driver knows how to operate a vehicle and doesn’t overstep professional boundaries, you don’t have anything to worry about. Oakville Party Bus chauffeurs will take you straight to your desired location and make sure you get there safely; he or she may even help serve beverages if your group likes tipping well.

They Come with Red Carpet Service

If you’re not used to riding in luxury, don’t worry. Party buses are carefully maintained so that every detail is covered. This means the buses feature plush leather seats, climate control systems and ultra-clean restrooms—not to mention an on-board bar stocked with everything from soda to fine wine. The best part? You can arrange all of these services at your request. If you want a red-carpet experience for your guests, just let get Oakville Party Bus experts know!  They’ll provide valet parking for your guests’ vehicles; they’ll park them right by their door before departing—and they never have to leave their vehicle unattended throughout the night.

They Come with Refreshments

When you look into using a limo or party bus service, it’s easy to be drawn in by all of their amenities and extras. So, here’s something that probably won’t make you change your mind but will show you how big and accommodating they can be: Many limos and party bus services offer an open bar. While not every company has one, enough do that it bears mentioning. This way, when you get your quote from a company, ask them about their open bar policy; you might end up saving yourself some cash on refreshments for your get-together (and drinks aren’t cheap).

They’re Named After Celebrities

Many party bus services are named after famous musicians, actors, or professional athletes. After all, choosing a name with some sort of brand recognition makes it easier to attract business—and for most entrepreneurs, it’s not really about what people are saying about their buses but rather how many people are saying anything at all. These names also make great conversation starters—if your party bus service is called The Al Pacino you can bet that if someone asks you why you went with that name, they’ll be more likely to remember you!

Final word

If you’re looking for a great transportation services, a party bus is a great option. Many party buses have bars on board so you can order drinks and snacks, plus they typically have multiple television screens for your entertainment. For many people, part of enjoying a night out involves being comfortable with being away from home.


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