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There is a lot that goes into the planning of your big day, but the current pandemic has made it all the more tense situation. If your wedding falls in the middle of the pandemic, there are a re few precautions that may prove to be much effective and practical.

If you planned the wedding during the pandemic and checking out the options available at your disposal, a few ideas here should prove to be helpful in arriving at the best possible results.

Get in touch with your wedding team

It would be a good idea to plan things ahead with your team – that includes wedding planner, photographer, decorator and even the transport or logistics support. Check out the right backup plans just in case the wedding has to be rescheduled. The safety precautions need to be taken care of for arriving at the best possible way.

Check out the priorities

You should check out the options for arriving at the right wedding tasks. Of course, you will obviously need to make changes to your wedding plans because of the pandemic. There is no possibility that you will be able to carry out everything that you had initially planned. In such scenarios, it would be advisable to work out your priorities and then take a call based on what tasks need to be forsaken. After all, you want all your guests and staff to be safe.

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Consider your guest list

It may be a wiser idea to exclude the elderly and too younger from the guest list. That can perhaps appear to be a huge annoyance and something you would not want to do. But, then, you cannot take the risk. It is quite advisable to ensure that your folk is safe. You can always throw a special party or an event when the things stabilise later on.

Make sure you follow the guidelines

If you have decided to go ahead with the wedding as planned, make sure that you have been following the CDC and other government guidelines. You do not want to make people sick. Limiting the number of guests can be one of the excellent option. Avoid pubic transport to the maximum possible extent. We would recommend hiring the special transport services such as Oakville Wedding Limo. They are quite safer and provide your guests a complete safety with all the precautions for the driver and the passengers alike.

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Keep food and beverages to the minimum level

It is the pandemic time and it is always recommended to exercise caution to keep everyone safer. Limiting the number of guests is the key, but make sure that the F & B arrangements are also set out to the minimum. Some of your guest may or may not be able to make it to the wedding due to travel restrictions or at their own discretion. In such cases, the food can get wasted which is not a good idea in today’s testing times.

Well, a wedding is a great event, but sadly enough – it should also be noticed that it does come with a huge responsibility to tackle it appropriately in the face of the pandemic that the world is facing. Plan it properly, or if you are willing – postpone it. If you want to go ahead with it, stay safe and keep your guests safer.


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