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Enjoying the great weekend with family and friends can be one of the most rewarding experience ever. If you are looking for the best possible experience in terms of an enhanced experience of a sightseeing tour, the Oakville limousine should be a great option for almost each of your requirements and experiences.

What can you enjoy with an Oakville limousine as part of your best Getaway limo adventure in and around Toronto or Oakville?

Niagara Falls

You are in Toronto and will miss out Niagara Falls from your itinerary? That should be a huge mistake by almost every count. You can choose to spend a day (and night if possible) at the falls. In fact, we would recommend spending a night at the falls as it is lit everyday making the scene quite heavenly. That can definitely be an awe-inspiring experience ever. You can definitely get close and personal with the Falls.

The Amusement parks

Enjoying the best of the amusement parks can be yet another great option you can give a serious thought to. It can be one of the best fun times you can enjoy with your family. The Wonderland is one of the excellent options that can provide you a far greater degree of performance enhancement. There are several attractions such as rollercoasters, amazing waterparks and the treat of a funnel cake should further sum up your experience. That would definitely be a worthy and perfect get together with your kids and family!


The Niagara-on-the-Lake is yet another worthy attraction that you would want to enjoy. The south of Ontario does have a huge number of attractions such as best of the cafes and other shops. Yet another promising experience you can get access to in Ontario can include the vineyards. You can take up a tour to one of the best vineyards at your discretion and enjoy the region with friends or family.

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The northern Ontario

The northern part of Ontario is yet another true option for the tourist’s heaven. There are several attractions you want to explore and experience.  Hiring a limousine that has a driver to assist you in every aspect of the sightseeing can definitely something you would quite impressive to the core. A few of the good practical options you would find rather be quite impressive can include Algonquin Park lodge, Taboo Resort Inn and Conference Centre or Deer Hurst resort. You will indeed find it one of the excellent options to travel in a safer limo and a worry-free trip to the core.

Well, those were just a few attractions that you can give a serious thought to, and there are a plenty of such options you would find quite impressive. Hire a professional limo service from Oakville and ride the surroundings to your heart’s content. With a limo and the patient driver at your side, you do not need to worry about the stress of driving and concentrate on enjoying everything that the nature has on offer for you.


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