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Celebrate your last night of freedom with your closest friends by renting an Oakville Party Bus and having the time of your life! Party buses come with liquor licenses and plenty of space, so you can bring all your friends with you as you dance and drink the night away. Plus, renting a party bus guarantees that you’ll have fun without worrying about who’s driving or where you’re going! To help you figure out whether or not renting a party bus makes sense for your special occasion, here are top reasons why you should rent one!


You can always hire a limo and you can even rent an old school bus, but those options are pricey. Hiring an Oakville Party Bus is much more affordable and it can still give you everything that you could ever want in terms of entertainment, food and drinks! It doesn’t matter if you have one person going with or twenty, hiring one is always going to be more affordable than any other type of transportation. Sure, there are some things to consider as far as price goes, but overall renting will save you money over time.


Most party buses include multiple plasma TVs, sound systems, lighting and dance poles. If you think that sounds like fun, then you’ll love party bus services because they allow you to bring your own alcohol on board to mix with their open bar offerings. Some party buses will even cater an onboard meal for your group. Just be sure to reserve that option in advance!


When you rent a party bus, you get to choose what amenities it comes with. Many party buses even allow for online booking, meaning that you can select your vehicles layout before you’ve even taken an in-person look at them. With so many customized choices available, renting an Oakville Party Bus is one of the best ways to make sure that your event will go off without a hitch! Whether you want onboard bars or stripper poles, it’s likely that there’s an option out there for you! Just be sure to check and see if there are any additional fees involved with adding on extra features and toys – some companies charge by feature rather than by item (the cost of pole dancing not included).

A Shared Experience

When you choose to take your guests out on a party bus, you get to share in an experience with them that you won’t ever forget. Everyone gets a chance to talk and connect, which is really important for your relationship to these people. After all, if they become friends of yours one day, then you’ll want them to think back on how much fun they had together at your wedding! It gives everyone something exciting and new to be experiencing together—which can help bring your partygoers closer together in time.


The privacy of your own bus means you can have as much fun as you want without worrying about neighbors or onlookers. Plus, you’ll always be in control of your party location with a bus; it’s impossible to lose that final piece of cake on someone else’s lawn when it’s safely stowed under one roof!

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It’s Safe

Tired of riding with drunk drivers? Party buses have excellent safety features and drivers that are trained to get you home safely even if you’re too wasted to stand up. With features like tinted windows, seat belts, security cameras, air conditioning and sound systems that bump, partying on a party bus is safer than in your average car.


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