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When it comes to the most important day of your life, you want nothing but the best. You’ll likely be hiring a wedding planner to help coordinate the details, but who will you hire to drive you down the aisle? If you haven’t already found an Oakville Wedding Limo service in your area, this guide will help you determine which features are important to look for when hiring a wedding limo, and help narrow down your search so that you can find the perfect car and driver for your special day.

What Size Do You Need?

How many people will be in your wedding party? How many guests are you inviting? These are two essential questions to ask when hiring an Oakville Wedding Limo, as they’ll dictate how big of a vehicle you need. The most common size is a stretch limousine (21+ passengers), but if your group isn’t too big, think about getting a simple SUV or full-size sedan. In any case, make sure that you get an appropriate ride and check out all of your options. While it’s fun to have something extravagant, some of these wedding cars can be really expensive!

Go For Exclusivity

One of the biggest trends in wedding limos is exclusivity. Most couples want their limo to be clean, modern and luxurious, but they also want it to stand out from everyone else’s. This can be as simple as picking a color that matches your wedding theme or even adding your names on to it. It’s not something you can do with every car, so make sure you look around carefully before making a decision about what kind of car you want for your big day. If you only have one chance to make an impression, why not make it a good one?

Pick A Great Color Scheme

One of your first decisions should be what color you want to hire. Think about how much time you have and whether you’re hiring a white limo or something more colorful. White will always look impressive, but think about how easily it will match with your venue and other colors. For example, if you’re getting married in a castle then white may not be suitable! Likewise, if you want to make a bold statement then why not consider bright pink? With so many options on offer, there really is no such thing as a ‘wrong’ color when hiring a wedding limo: pick whatever suits your style and interests!

Make It Personalize

If you want your wedding limo to be special and representative of you, make sure it can be personalized. If you want a teddy bear on your car that only you two know about, make sure it can happen. Also, when comparing wedding limos, keep in mind how customizable they are. A limousine doesn’t need to be personalize to still be perfect for your big day — but if customizing is important to you, get creative with it! Who knows? Maybe there’s an option somewhere out there that really matches who you are as a couple and what your personality is like. Find something fun that makes sense!

oakville wedding limousine

How About Some Extras?

Extras may not make or break your wedding day, but they can certainly sweeten it up. If you’re paying for an Oakville Wedding Limo, why not try adding on some extras? For example, if there’s room in your budget, getting a bottle of champagne to sip in your limo or two on ice would be nice. You might also consider some rose petals or even having red carpet rolled out at your entryway. Yes, these little extra touches aren’t necessary—but they will help you create an unforgettable experience and give you something fun to look back on after all is said and done.


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